Mattresses Orthopedists

Orthopedic mattresses are designed to correct any postural problems: discover the Ergogreen models.

What are orthopedic mattresses

A support that adapts to the shape of the body, improving the quality of sleep, so we can define the orthopedic mattress . But we can say much more.
It is not just a matter of correcting posture during the night, but of giving the spine the possibility to relax, avoiding the formation of back pain and stiff neck. To obtain an article with these characteristics, the manufacturing company must focus its attention on the study of ergonomics and on the development of structures and performing materials.
And what happens within Ergogreen , the all-Italian brand engaged for over forty years in the design and construction of certified and tested rest systems, also considered CE Class 1 Medical Devices .
All the mattresses of the Ermitage and Metropolitan collections have in fact this marking, since they have been subjected to demanding tests by external laboratories, in order to obtain the name of anti-decubitus mattresses (capable of decreasing body pressure on the surface of the bed). These products can therefore be considered real tools for the prevention and mitigation of a disease (the formation of bedsores in people forced to prolonged stay in bed).
In the specific case, these are high-level products, different from any traditional support, which can also be defined as anatomic mattresses which, following the curves of the body, offer well-being and prevent joint pain and other nocturnal postural discomfort.

Here's how to make the right choice

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