Mattresses With topper

Protect your mattress with the appropriate toppers: here's what they are and which to choose!

So the topper

A few years ago, the topper , also known as the corrector, became a part of the new sleeping systems, a thin mattress to be superimposed on the existing mattress, in order to personalize and improve the quality of sleep .
This slender and light support often made of advanced and performing materials, breathable and hypoallergenic which, despite the low thickness (3/10 cm), guarantee high performance between high reception , high softness and excellent support.
This elastic and deformable sheet can meet us in different circumstances, which impose, for example, a change in our usual sleeping positions (surgery, an accident, a radical change in weight) that make the old mattress really uncomfortable.
Ergogreen , thanks to its many years of experience in the world of beds, bed bases and mattresses, presents its customers with an interesting and innovative proposal of sleeping systems capable of satisfying the most heterogeneous night needs in terms of comfort and well-being . The combination of craftsmanship and technology, research and development, ergonomics and design has given rise to an extremely large catalog of proposals, all Made in Italy and made with high-level, long-lasting, anatomical, tested, customized materials.

Why choose it

When to choose the topper and why?
There are many reasons that lead to the purchase of a modern correct mattress. Let's see the advantages together:

  • allows you to give new life to the old mattress, which has become uncomfortable and dated, making it more welcoming and pleasant to live. In this way, the burden for its new purchase is also avoided;
  • protects a new mattress, keeping its characteristics intact over time;
  • personalizes and increases the quality of sleep, especially when the two partners have different needs. By joining two individual toppers different in materials and qualities (each suited to the needs of the individual spouse) it will be possible to satisfy both users;
  • it increases the pleasantness of rest even for short periods of time, when for example particular situations arise, as it is easy to place and remove, being very light;
  • if you choose a double model, you can combine two single beds with different characteristics, avoiding the very unpleasant effect of central embedding;
  • easy to keep clean as it is handy and practical to hook and unhook.

To discover Ergogreen mattresses , made with cutting-edge technologies and with the help of more than forty years of know-how, browse the company catalog and find the product that best suits your needs. You will thus notice the great wealth of solutions, the quality of the proposals, the different characteristics of each individual model, born from a careful research on ergonomics and materials.

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