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The design of our integrated rest systems, composed by 3 essential elements (bed, mattress and ergonomic support) and the interaction between them are the basis of every Ergogreen sleep solution.
Each product is carefully studied to ensure the quality of the rest and ease of use in the opening and closing phases, both manual and electric, for a 360º comfort.

The most advanced research on ergonomics is fundamental for all the Ergogreen resting systems, company which has carried out continuous researches on materials, processes, elasticity indices and conformation of ergonomic supports through years, in order to ensure the optimal body support. Good rest means first of all a proper way of sleeping.

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The Ergogreen fashion house aims at refinement and an excessive care to detailin its finishings and haute couture details, proposing exclusive finishingsto enhance your bed and make it unique. Blanket or border stitching, simple or double velvet volants, contrasting or toneon tone bring personality, originality and uniqueness to every single bed.


Cucitura punto cavallo /
Double blanket stitch

Cucitura bordino /
Pipe edge

Volant semplice /
Simple volant

Volant doppio /
Double volant


A perfect combination between refined design, excellent raw materials and sartorial accuracy: these are the Ergogreen beds, which furnish the sleeping area of ​​your home with style, soft and sinuous lines . At the base of each project there is a meticulous study about aesthetics and functionality, in continuous evolution, in order to ensure the maximum quality of rest.

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Wood Frames

The Wood Frame, together with the mattress and the bed, ensures to every Ergogreen rest system the best comfort and maximum durability. The base / net works in synergy with the mattress to ensure a correct and personalized posture.

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