Guide for a good rest

A good sleep is the foundation of a healthy and active life. Discover our good rest handbook: a series of behaviors that naturally promote the quality of night's sleep.

1. Weight adapted sleep system

A mattress must accommodate the body by avoiding excessive pressure to favour blood circulation, guaranteeing perfect muscle relaxation and correct well-being. For this reason, it must be adapted to the weight and height of its user.

2. Correct support of the spinal column

A correct support system for the spinal column from an orthopaedic point of view. Besides adequately supporting the back, it must also be pleasant and comfortable and help to prevent important pathologies (backache, painful joints, circulation problems...).

3. Quality sleep system

The absolute protagonist in the bedroom the bed. A comfortable integrated sleep system, lasting and resistant, depends on the quality of all its components and on the right match between base and mattress, respectively the pillar and plinth of the same construction.

4. Maintaining of adequate body temperature

A mattress must allow the body to breathe and maintain a suitable temperature. A system permitting good bed ventilation favours the right microclimate, sleep hygiene and a sensation of comfort and freshness.

5. Regular times for getting up feeling rested

It is always better to go to bed at the first signs of tiredness and to avoid heavy meals, alcohol and caffeine in the evening. Going to bed and getting up at regular times allows you to maintain the right sleep-wake rhythm benefitting a healthier and more balanced life.

6. The bedroom as a place of rest

An environment with soft easily darkened lighting, fresh and quite. Dedicated to relaxation, the bedroom must be silent, better therefore if there is no stereo or tv. There should also be no objects with acoustic signals or flashing lights.