Slatted bed bases Comfortable Dream

A catalog full of models of comfortable bed bases made with excellent materials: discover the Ergogreen Comfortable Dream line.

Characteristics of Ergogreen slatted bases

The modern rest systems by Ergogreen belong to that special family of high-performance networks and mattresses born from careful studies on: human anatomy, modern needs for the use of the sleeping area, technology and design.
Production of mattress bases of the brand is contained within the Comfortable Dream collection , a name that immediately refers to a quality night's sleep, to a restful sleep that brings comfort and well-being.
Let's analyze some important strengths of this innovative production:

  • Ergogreen Wood Frames are made of slatted wood, made using beech plywood, an entirely natural quality product from certified plantations. The different woodworking takes place without the use of glues and paints harmful to humans and the environment and each product is safe and guaranteed as it undergoes demanding laboratory tests that evaluate its resistance, durability and deformability to loads;
  • the production of nets embraces all the typical bed sizes, also moving towards tailored solutions, entirely customized and designed also for those who have weight problems and need more robust "XXL" supports;
  • the beech slats used are not all the same, they do not all have the same shape and size, but are designed to manage every single anatomical area, with the aim of offering the right and differentiated support to all areas of the body. At the basis of all this there is therefore a careful research on ergonomics and design . Added to this is the presence of special swinging joints placed at the end of the slats, with the aim of perfectly cushioning the movements of the body;
  • in the catalog there are both fixed networks and moving models, manual and motorized, the latter really performing in terms of mechanisms, movements and responses to specific medical needs. This led to the creation of special medical solutions, classified as medical devices by the Ministry of Health.

How to improve sleep quality

This question prompted Ergogreen researchers to design very sophisticated slatted frames, able to comfortably support normal anatomical curves, preventing spinal pain that would limit sleep quality and the general well-being of the person in the long run.
Here are some tips to implement the quality of rest thanks to a correct choice of the bed system (mattress base):

  • avoid too soft and yielding nets that lead to take on wrong and uncomfortable positions, generating points of tension / pressure that experience pain and disturbed sleep;
  • no to mattresses that are too rigid that hinder venous circulation and create physical rigidity that affect their physical health throughout the day;
  • too low beds are to be excluded. The sum between the height of the bed base and that of the mattress must be around 70 cm. Low beds are uncomfortable to use even during the rearrangement of the covers;
  • prefer wooden bed bases without metal elements, with differentiated staves, such as those offered by Ergogreen, extremely equipped with 3D suspensions that are very elastic and independent of each other, with the aim of regulating the rigidity of the resting surface and allowing the bed base to model itself to the shape of the body, following its natural curves and also allowing the mattress to breathe.

The ergonomic supports of the Comfortable Dream catalog

Ergogreen slatted bases can be defined as excellent but economically sustainable products, so different from each other in terms of characteristics, accessories, functionality, aesthetics and technology, which allow everyone to find the specific model for the your needs.
The ergonomic supports of the Comfortable Dream line stand out for the high quality of the materials used, the high degree of customization, to be solid and long-lasting, designed to allow optimal rest.
Leafing through the catalog, we can distinguish 9 different models of orthopedic nets , each with specific characteristics. Let's see some of them together to understand their specifics:

  • Flexymed is the net equipped with ring stiffness adjusters that allow you to change the lift at the height of the pelvis as needed. The wooden slats along the entire structure are differentiated into zones, to respond in a targeted way to the individual anatomical bands of the body (head, shoulders, lumbar, pelvis, legs, feet). Available in all standard bed sizes, it is also available as an option for movement, manual and electric.
  • The Trioflex net at shoulder height has three slats with melamine textile finish with a sophisticated gull-wing shape, to embrace the shoulders by supporting them. This profile makes the splint particularly flexible to follow the anatomical shape of the back. In the lumbar area, on the other hand, the stave changes shape and becomes more rigid to support the area of ​​lordosis. To underline is also the exclusive support of the slats, which can be adjusted in rigidity thanks to an innovative mechanism.

This highlights how customizable, advanced and studied in detail these integrated rest systems are.