Simply bed: the base becomes a bed

From the bed base to the sommier: shape your ideal bed with the Simply Bed program by Ergogreen!




The rules for an ideal bedroom

To sleep well and really rest it is not only necessary to have a healthy lifestyle, characterized by: good eating and behavioral habits and correct physical activity, but it is essential to ensure a bedroom with special features.
We therefore suggest some tips to obtain maximum relaxation from your bed and your sleeping area:

  • study well the position of the bed and the orientation of the room. East is the optimal side to have a good light in the morning, a cool room all day and absence of light in the evening hours;
  • always keep an eye on temperature and humidity during all seasons. The ideal values ​​are between 17 and 19 ° C and the humidity must never exceed 50%;
  • check the amount of light even artificial during the night, avoiding the use of mobile devices before sleeping and checking the correct darkening of the windows;
  • soundproofing the room. This allows you to rest well without sudden interruptions during the night;
  • renew over time and expertly choose the bed system (net, mattress, pillow) that best suits your personal needs;
  • also give importance to the aesthetics of the sleeping area. The bed, as well as being comfortable, must have a design similar to your tastes, it must attract attention and entice its use. Shape, materials, finishes, colors must be chosen in detail and coordinated with the rest of the room to create a harmonious, restful space that invites you to relax. The additional suggestion is to give importance to the colors. Yes to neutral colors and cold shades: green, blue, purple. No to intense and warm shades like red and orange.

Focusing on these last two points ( ergonomics and design of the bed) we can say that Ergogreen , thanks to the long experience gained in the field of innovative solutions for rest, he designed the exclusive Simply bed line to satisfy comfort and aesthetics in the bedroom, thanks to a rich and diversified catalog of Wood Frames, sommier and headboards, as well as mattresses, night accessories and linen to recreate a refined and welcoming dream room.

How are the Simply Bed beds by Ergogreen

How should the perfect bed be? Cozy, enveloping, capable of recreating a perfect nest for the night, where you can feel pampered and in harmony with your surroundings.
But how can you get this feeling of well-being from a simple piece of furniture? Through the total customization of the bed, seen not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from an anatomical point of view. The answer is given by the Brianza-based company Ergogreen , which has studied a creative furnishing solution that combines practicality, beauty and tailoring: the Simply bed program!
Here are the pluses of the beds in the collection:

  • are hygienic , as they are made of natural materials, treated with non-toxic and specifically anti-mite substances (Wood Frames and mattresses), but also easy to keep clean, since the covers are completely removable and washable; < / li>
  • have a attractive design, pleasant, modern, which follows the most current stylistic moods;
  • are made to measure , because they can be made to the centimeter on customer request. There are no standard solutions, since the Simply Bed networks are made both to solve specific healthcare needs (being medical devices) and to make the stay in bed of those who want maximum relaxation more comfortable (through the base line) with manual and motorized movement);
  • are made of quality materials proven, long-lasting, tested to withstand impacts and stresses, in order to obtain a functional product over time and of high value;
  • are customizable like a tailoring suit: in the colors, the padding, the coverings, the shapes of the headboards, bed frames and feet and can be completed in detail, thanks to coordinated nightwear;
  • are cost-effective . The aesthetic customization and ergonomic performances of the brand's Wood Frames, mattresses and beds are not matched by an excessive purchase expense, on the contrary, the luxury of sleeping well is within everyone's reach, thanks to democratic prices.

How the innovative Simply Bed program works

Ergogreen gives way to its customers to create the perfect bed through simple steps. Let's see how the Simply bed program works!

  • it starts from a simple "operation": network + sommier + headboard = read ;
  • in the first place you choose the slatted base more suited to your physical needs (fixed, electrically or manually) and in the desired size (standard or customized), completed by the ergonomic supports necessary to obtain maximum well-being;
  • second step we find the ideal sommier among those proposed in the catalog: fixed or movable, also available in the exclusive version with top fully lined with fabric (Advance model), or made of melamine wood in three different finishes (white, cherry or dark oak) or in fabric (in 10 variants to choose from eco-leather or fabric in many different colors). In the latter case, feet and perimeter band are covered in the same textile finish;
  • third step: complete the Simply bed bed with the headboard , available in 6 aesthetic alternatives: it goes from the wood, so essential and natural, to more generously padded solutions, to be customized in the colors / finishes already proposed for the structure, for a coordinated effect.

With the Simply bed line, Ergogreen's ergonomic wooden Wood Frame is transformed into a bed in all respects, impeccable from an aesthetic and functional point of view.