Beds Pull-out You&Me

Beautiful and functional, the Ergogreen You & Me pull-out beds offer intelligent space-saving solutions.

The versatility of Ergogreen trundle beds

Optimizing spaces by offering a rich variety of living solutions, Ergogreen trundle beds are able with just a few elements to offer comfort and practicality to those looking for a refined "two in one" solution for your own home.
Where space is lacking (studios, children's bedrooms, second homes) it is necessary to furnish the rooms with functional space-saving furniture and among these the most interesting are convertible beds.
Thanks to constant attention to design and technological research, the Brianza brand has created the particular You & Me collection of pull-out beds, with the aim of solving the problems of those who usually live with small rooms. br> This catalog consists of two large families of furniture:

  • modern sofa beds , to be placed in the living room and transformed in the presence of guests for the night;
  • convertible single beds for the bedroom and the guest room, which hide a second mattress inside a drawer placed under the base, capable of transforming the model into a comfortable bed if necessary matrimonial.

The proposed line of furniture consists of rest systems and upholstery with modern lines and comfortable to use, all equipped with solid, resistant, safe and practical transformation mechanisms, easy to use. There are also many customization possibilities offered, not only in the finishes, but also in the aesthetics, according to the different needs of living.

What are the characteristics

At the base of the Ergogreen You & Me pull-out bed collection there is a simple as well as complex and ingenious design idea: a bed or a tailored sofa, composed of a few elements, however, be configured as desired. Starting from a basic structure, many details are gradually added during the design of the model to be mixed together, thus giving life to a completely customizable furnishing solution.
In fact, there are 2 different versions of transformation and the beauty of 11 models to choose from. Let's see them together, starting from the versions available:

  • standard pull-out bed base , which when placed next to the sofa transforms it into a double bed;
  • automatic removable bed base , for those looking for an advanced solution to be operated with a quick and simple gesture;

The 11 models designed are the following:
  • Model 1: single sommier bed without headboard but equipped with a high and elegant padded bed frame;
  • Model 2: bed with headboard to be positioned on the right or left as needed;
  • Model 3: sommier with high back placed on the long side of the bed;
  • Model 4: sofa with high backrest and low armrest. Both elements that make up the sofa bed are slightly padded, to be comfortable but minimal;
  • Model 5: sofa with low backrest and armrest, both placed at the same height in order to completely surround the seat by "embracing" it;
  • Model 6: sofa with high backrest and armrest to give greater importance to the upholstery, which will be more elegant and romantic;
  • Model 7 and model 8: two variants of dormeuse, the first with low sides, the second with high sides;
  • Model 9 and model 10: here too we find two alternatives for the sofa bed, with corner backsplash to be placed on the right or left side;
  • Model 11: elegant and sinuous variant of the corner seat, in which the backrest is delicately shaped.

We will thus be spoiled for choice to furnish our home, as we will be able to identify the version that suits us best and insert it into the most aesthetically pleasing model. From this we can see the high attention to detail of Ergogreen, all details intended for demanding customers who are looking for high quality products at a democratic price .

Let's discover the options

And speaking of peculiarities, Ergogreen does not stop only to offer a very wide range of functional and formal variants of its pull-out beds , but also offers special options , in order to further embellish your ergonomic rest system.
By browsing the You & Me catalog we notice that there are additional accessories, made with skill and craftsmanship, capable of implementing the well-being of the chosen model.
Here they are in detail:

  • blanket stitch or border to be left visible along the edges of the You & Me bed, to create pleasant contrasting or ton sur ton chromatic games with the upholstery. The seam thread colors are 5: white, taupe, brown, blue and red;
  • composition of Relax cushions , characterized by 2 rollers to be placed in correspondence with the armrests and 2 soft backrests;
  • composition of Soft cushions , richer than the previous one and so distinguished: 4 large cushions, 2 medium cushions, 2 small cushions;
  • mattress-topper beret : taut beret with an essential and simple design.

As in a puzzle to be composed at will, between models, versions and options, you will be able to make your home truly unique with one of the Ergogreen trundle beds, totally tailor-made.