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Specialized in the design and construction of rest systems, some products of the ergonomic support collection (SanityMed, FlexyMed and InfinityMed) and some mattresses (Metropolitan, Hermitage, Ergo800 Memory e S5 Memory) are registered with the Ministry of Health as class 1 medical devices.

Professor Benedetto Toso

We study our products in collaboration with Prof. Benedetto Toso, professor of Posturology at the Catholic University of Milan and professor of the posturology master of the Sapienza University of Rome as well as founder of Back School (, an association that aims to effectively and sustainably prevent and treat back pain and neck pain that is so widespread today.

“To assist correct posture, throughout the day it is a good idea to use only efficient ergonomic supports such as a seat suitable for whoever works or studies sitting down, a lumbar support for whoever travels long journeys by car, an anatomical armchair for relaxation that supports the curves of your spine and a comfortable, anatomical bed for night rest. Numerous daily activities repeatedly force us to bend forward for extended periods. Incorrect posture and movements that change the physiological lumbar lordosis with the consequent onset of backache should be avoided. Pain is nothing else but the spinal column’s alarm signal.
If incorrect positions are held for long periods this can trigger pain in the lumbar (lower back pain) or cervical region (neck pain) but also disc injuries (slipped disc) and wear and tear (degenerative disc disease and arthrosis). The secret so as not to suffer back ache therefore, is to use the spinal column correctly, maintaining the natural curves of the spine. It is advisable to carry out normal daily physical, recreational and sport activities also in the presence of acute lower back and neck pain. These are, therefore, the rules for the well-being of the spinal column: maintain natural body curves in posture, movements and especially during exertion; avoid keeping a passive static posture for too long and change position frequently; carry out regular physical activity. For correct use of the spinal column during the night, it is important when sleeping to maintain the body’s natural curves. Knowing how to choose the right bed, the right mattress and pillow is very important seeing that we spend about a third of our day and of our life in bed. To obtain the best results, the mattress must fit perfectly to the supporting frame so that it adapts to the body’s natural curves and offers the correct counterthrust to any protrusions of the body. The thickness of the intervertebral disc reduces during the night, due to the constant load. Sleeping a sufficient number of hours on a valid bed allows our discs to regain their original thickness and maintain their elasticity and efficiency”. (Professor Benedetto Toso).

“Sleep is indispensable to our existence. Each vital function makes specific adjustments for the awake state and the sleep state: blood pressure, cardiac frequency, the depth of each single breath reduces gradually, some hormones, growth hormones for example, are produced mainly during sleep. Sleep is fundamental to restoring our organism after the fatigue of the day, allowing us to re-elaborate our day, memorize basic experiences, recover lost energy, balance the vegetative nervous system and facilitate the elimination of accumulated toxins. Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep due to casual or enduring factors and thus it is a part of our lifestyle. A ‘critical’ analysis of one’s own way of being is often helpful in identifying the causes. We often wake up tired. Sleep can be disturbed by environmental noise, light stimulation, stress, heavy meals and alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, this can also be a symptom of a pathological condition that should be opportunely diagnosed and treated. (Doctor Francesco Fanfulla, Vice Presidente AIMS)

Italian Medical Sleep Association

The AIMS (Italian Sleep Medicine Association) is a multidisciplinary professional scientific society dedicated to promoting scientific research and clinical training aimed at knowledge of sleep and the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders. He is a member of the Federation of Italian Medical Scientific Societies (FISM).

The keywords for improving our quality of sleep are summarised in the sleep hygiene rules: attach the right importance to sleep, always go to bed and wake up at the same time, don’t go to bed on an empty stomach or after a heavy meal, avoid strenuous physical activity during the evening, avoid the use of electronic devices and limit exposure to strong light. The bedroom must be seen as a place to sleep and not as a living-room.” (Doctor Francesco Fanfulla, Vice President of AIMS)

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