Ergonomics and Design

Since its beginning in the 70s, Ergogreen has made its mark in the heart of the Brianza area with the production of sleep systems inspired by the principles of craftsmanship typical of this area together with the fruit of continuous technological research and design. The company from Seregno initially designed and produced ergonomic sleep systems and Made in Italy design beds and then started expanding the offer with a collection of high quality handmade mattresses and a collection of accessories. Ergogreen’s prime objective, today as in the past, is to completely satisfy the needs of ‘knowledgeable’ consumers who are ever more aware and well-informed regarding the ergonomics and quality of a product, offering them an integrated unique and personalised sleep system.

Ergogreen, sleep systems specialist: ergonomics & design for accesible luxury

Ergogreen develops sleep systems able to transform the dream of a ‘personalised’ bed into reality. Thanks to its efforts in the field of research and innovation, luxury, comfort and the well-being that consumers have always desired for their bed become within everyone’s reach. Our company offers customers a bed that, during the hours of rest, will restore all the energy necessary to face the following day, real integrated, ergonomic and design sleep systems at democratic prices.Two principles merge in Ergogreen’s offer: content and design with accessible luxury, perfect for those who expect the best, attaching more value to the benefits gained from the use of a product than to its label.

Sllep system: design & technology

Ergogreen’s sleep system is made up of 3 elements which together offer the best benefits and the longest life-span.

1. Ergonomic Wood Frames: the Wood Frame works in synergy with the mattress. Like a plinth, it acts as an ergonomic support of the mattress (pillar) to the benefit of a comfortable and robust sleep system, able to guarantee a correct personalised posture. The base must be silent and follow the elastic strain of the mattress.
2. Mattress: the function of a good mattress is to support the body at the same time as offering the right comfort so as not to create excessive tension or pressure points. Comfortable and welcoming, studied based on the height and weight of each user; it must be breathable and long lasting.
3. Bed: of a pleasant design, hygienic and with a removable cover, it must also be practical to make. The version equipped with an underneath container can store bulky covers and pillows. It can be personalised with haute couture finishings and client bespoke measurements can be made.

The best ergonomics

Ergogreen’s sleep system is made up of 3 elements which together offer the best benefits and the longest life-span.
The overall view of the use of the "bed" and the relationship with the user are evaluated in their entirety. Each product is carefully designed to ensure the quality of rest and ease of use in the opening and closing phases, both manual and electric, for 360º comfort.

The most advanced research on ergonomics is the basis of all the Ergogreen rest system, which over the years has carried out continuous research on materials, processes, elasticity indices and conformation of ergonomic supports, to ensure optimal body support. Because good rest means first of all correct rest.


The Ergogreen fashion house aims at refinement and an excessive care to detailin its finishings and haute couture details, proposing exclusive finishingsto enhance your bed and make it unique. Blanket or border stitching, simple or double velvet volants, contrasting or toneon tone bring personality, originality and uniqueness to every single bed.

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