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Bed frame and feet but not headboard: these are the characteristics of the sommier beds, functional solutions that hide a storage space.

The characteristics of a box spring bed

Are you struggling with the choice of your new bed? Are you looking for a modern and original furnishing solution? Why not choose a box spring bed?
This typology of rest plan is characterized by the absence of the headboard, present are only:

  • the base , composed of feet and bed frame (to be chosen according to taste);
  • the bed base , the latter of primary importance from an ergonomic point of view (together with the mattress) to ensure a healthy and regenerating rest.

The lack of the back makes this bed very versatile and customizable . In the version with a square (80/90 x 200 cm) capable of replacing a sofa bed to be placed in the guest bedroom, for example.
But the most beautiful furnishing creations are reserved for the double bed . In fact, there are many variations: with essential wooden bed frame, with soft sommier richly padded and covered in removable leather or fabric, in a slim and space-saving version, with container, etc .; you are really spoiled for choice for size and aesthetics.

What advantages it offers

When to choose the sommier bed ? What are its strengths?
Here are its 5 main advantages :

  • in the version with storage it helps to optimize the space available when the bedroom is small. The practical box hidden under the net allows you to house cushions, blankets and much more without stealing precious space inside the room;
  • the single sommier furnishes the bedroom reducing the size of the bed (due to the absence of the headboard). They earn useful centimeters in depth, which play a central role when the surface to be furnished is small;
  • the lack of the headboard in order to create a completely customized one , even hand made, using old wooden beams, colored and original fabrics and cushions, which we will hardly find in the standard furnishing solutions offered by the market;
  • the version with box allows to make the bed comfortably and quickly, without excessively curving the back (when the container sommier has a horizontal lifting mechanism);
  • if the upholstered bed frame has a removable cover, it will be easy to keep the bed clean and sanitized, which will not be so easily affected by mites, dust and bacteria.

How to decorate the room with the sommier

This bed without headboard gives way to play a lot with interior design solutions that aim at an extreme personalization of the furnishing style even in the bedroom.
Let's see together some original furnishing ideas from which to draw inspiration for furnish the sleeping area with the sommier :

  • place the bed in the middle of the room if the surface of the room exceeds 14 m2 or when the wardrobe is isolated in a separate walk-in wardrobe. The environment will thus be truly suggestive and the bed will become its protagonist. This is the case in which it is necessary to go overboard with the design of the bed frame, choosing a soft and generously padded one, perhaps "embroidered" by hand with a very elegant capitonné quilting. Further customization? The choice of bed linen, which will have to be oriented towards original and particularly decorated solutions;
  • place the sommelier against the wall and create a paneling for a custom-made bed. In this case, it is played on two fronts: the aesthetics of the bed frame and the design of the personalized headboard, with the aim of perfectly combining the two elements and creating an original bedroom in line with your style. The boiserie can be made with solid wood panels, with padded structures covered with fabric or leather, managing the length and height of the paneling in a completely original way. In fact, you can "incorporate" the bedside tables or develop the structure in height, especially when the ceiling is very high. In the bedroom of the children, by using soft sides, you can protect and "warm up" the sleep of the little ones when the bed is completely against the wall. Particularly modern solutions also allow you to place guides and / or hooks inside the paneling to fix shelves, shelves and other elements, in order to equip the bed wall according to your needs, avoiding unnecessary space on the floor;
  • those who prefer a more essential and space-saving solution can opt for the slim sommier , equipped with a light but sturdy base that allows you to save centimeters around the bed, facilitating movement within the room, that to independently manage the back wall. In fact, the idea is to focus on a decorative and scenographic wallpaper that will take the attention off the bed and focus it on the chromatisms and vertical graphics on the whole wall.