Base with Advance elastic support

Removable frame with innovative corner, anti squeak, accident prevention. Tilting hoods, with stiffness adjustersà ̀ in the lumbar area. Preformed stave in the shoulder and pelvis area that favors the reception. Slats covered in hygroscopic, sanitizable melamine film. Basin area slats with weight adjusters, ideal for LUI& LEI DUAL COMFORT mattresses. Recommended for the Ermitge bed. Available on request version “ frame wire” which allows a greater recess of the mattress.

Advance coupling

Robust, safe and extensively tested, it stands out for its innovative and inimitable design.

Shoulder area with milled and particularly elastic gull-wing slats, lordosis slats with an imposing support and gull-wing slats with rigidity adjusters; for the pelvis

Models available

The Advance è series; available  in fixed, manual,   electric, electric easy move models.
Both in single, square and half and double sizes.

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