The Comfort fl ex è series; available in fi xed, manual, electric, easy move electric, ultra fl at electric, ultra fl at electric 4 motors models. Both in single, square and half and double sizes.

Seagull-wing resting surface

L‘ entire resting surface of this model is characterized by the slats with a gull-wing curvature and surfaces with a carbon fi nish. This unique shape is well suited to accommodate the protruding parts of the body (shoulder and pelvis) in the different positions assumed during rest. 

In addition, the millings in the shoulder area are suitable for making more difficult; the stave is fl exible, while the stave moreù large placed at the level of the lordosis performs a support function; last but not least the rigidity regulators; allow you to adjust the load in the pelvis area.

Models available

The Comfort fl ex è series; available  in fixed, manual, electric, easy move electric, electric ultra fl at, electric ultra fl at 4 motors models.

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